Set Your Insights Free

How then do we make insights and the value generated by data scientists, widely accessible across an organization?

Eye in the Sky

Monitoring people and the planet from space

Once is an accident...

Last week’s election in the United Kingdom threw up another surprise.

Building a Data Driven Culture

Data science is here to stay and several business are now realizing the benefits of making data driven decisions

When I Grow Up

Training the next generation of data scientists

How AI is Changing Our World

In 2017, Artificial Intelligence or AI applications are more pervasive than ever before and increasingly convey the semblance of ‘thinking’.

The War for Data

Big data by some accounts, is much more precious than oil

Liar, Liar

Why is statistics so difficult to grasp?

A Tale of 100 Jelly Beans

If you had a jar of 100 jelly beans and knew one of them was laced with poison, would you offer the jar to your kid?

Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Data

Last week we discussed carpet bombing in the context of marketing campaigns and came to the conclusion that smart targeting is always...

Man vs Machine

EU regulations that have been introduced to govern algorithmic decision making.

First Do No Harm

New EU data regulations limit automated algorithmic decision making.

Wise Men Listen

The Arab Spring provides a telling illustration of the power of social media

Telling Stories

Cave paintings are the earliest known human data visualisations with some dating back 40 000 years.