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Taking the fear out of data science

As the world of data science advances rapidly, it becomes an increasingly scary black box that many would prefer to leave unopened

Laughing Out Loud

Here are four lessons from the world of stand-up comedy that bear surprising similarity to the art of data science.

We have work to do

While AI isn’t exactly new, its effects are truly starting to be felt in our everyday lives. And as with any new technology, it’s difficult

It pays to be skeptical

I’ve been thinking this week about alternative truths, distortions of reality, and the accuracy of human memory

AI for Everyone

Did you ever wonder why pictures of some people consistently come out clearer and more true-to-life than others?

Being Michelangelo

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is considered to be one of the most breathtaking interior paintings in the world.

It's a Man's World

In keeping with other STEM fields, data science remains largely male.

The Type A vs. Type B Data Scientist

The data science unicorn is an intriguing notion which does not fall far short of its name. It is the idea that there are some professionals

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