The War for Data

Big data by some accounts, is much more precious than oil

Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Data

Last week we discussed carpet bombing in the context of marketing campaigns and came to the conclusion that smart targeting is always...

Wise Men Listen

The Arab Spring provides a telling illustration of the power of social media

Telling Stories

Cave paintings are the earliest known human data visualisations with some dating back 40 000 years.

My Big Dirty Data

Today we lift the hood on data and peer into its murky depths

Looking in the wrong place

In recent years, the United States House of Representatives has been characterised more by polemical debate than by sober deliberation.

The Lighter Side of Data

we thought we'd share with you a few of our favourite data analytics related cartoons.

Battle of the Brains

It sounds dramatic but the war for talent is sometimes described as a “bloodbath.”

Decisions, Decisions

We are beset by decisions all day long - from where to go on holiday and what to wear in the morning to whether to invest in a new venture