Sowing the Seed

At Ixio Analytics, we believe that it is only by sharing knowledge that we expand the boundaries of our craft and demonstrate the art of the

The Machine That Made Mistakes

Some of you might have watched or read about last month’s big money fight in Las Vegas between Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather

Asking For Directions

Despite the immense gains that women have made in education and the workforce since the 1950’s, there are still very few women in STEM field

The Self-Actualised Datum

Articles and opinion about the definition of data science flood the digital airwaves. Is data analytics the same as data science?

Beware of the Cult

The intelligent use of data has become a competitive advantage for companies in all industries.

Mind Your Language

The musical Hamilton, currently playing on Broadway, re-enacts the 1804 duel in which the former Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilt

The Perils of Shorthand

You’ve probably heard mention of the October 2012 Harvard Business Review article that described the data scientist

Set Your Insights Free

How then do we make insights and the value generated by data scientists, widely accessible across an organization?

Eye in the Sky

Monitoring people and the planet from space

Once is an accident...

Last week’s election in the United Kingdom threw up another surprise.

Building a Data Driven Culture

Data science is here to stay and several business are now realizing the benefits of making data driven decisions

When I Grow Up

Training the next generation of data scientists

How AI is Changing Our World

In 2017, Artificial Intelligence or AI applications are more pervasive than ever before and increasingly convey the semblance of ‘thinking’.

Liar, Liar

Why is statistics so difficult to grasp?

A Tale of 100 Jelly Beans

If you had a jar of 100 jelly beans and knew one of them was laced with poison, would you offer the jar to your kid?