To Like or Not To Like

Media outlets such as newspapers, radio and television have long offered their readers and listeners a mostly uni-directional

First Do No Harm

Solving the climate crisis with big data and blockchain

People, People, Everywhere

We’ve often heard it said by many a CEO, that people (and data nowadays) are an organisation’s greatest asset.

Join The Battle

The internet as we know it is a vast interconnected sea of computers that hold almost the entire sum of human knowledge.

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, in the 70s and 80s there was something called MIS.

Introducing Emma

The natural vegetation that grows around Cape Town, South Africa

The Terrorist Shopper

At Ixio Analytics, we’ve been thinking a lot recently about how we help organizations have meaningful conversations wth their customers.

Upending Science

science has always progressed from hypothesis to proof.

The Joy of Code

In his writing, Wordsworth was at pains to avoid what was termed

Wear The Chain

interactions between people have required a measure of trust.