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Winning in (Fantasy) Football

As sports franchises increasingly turn to data and analytics to drive performance, a data-led approach to team selection could well help

Pull Up Your Socks!

If it were possible to use machine learning to predict which people were most likely to develop depression, it could be invaluable help

Don't be left in the dark

Organisations that do not fully leverage their reach, efficiency or productivity are in essence shooting themselves in the foot.

Rogue Algorithm

“Don’t want to embrace AI? What’s the worst that can happen?”

It’s a dangerous world out there

Just like the pirates of old who raided and plundered other ships and settlements for gold and other bounty, data attracts unscrupulous...

Powered by AI

According to the World Bank, one billion people, or 15% of the world’s population, experience some form of disability. Can AI help?

AI for Everyone

Did you ever wonder why pictures of some people consistently come out clearer and more true-to-life than others?

To Like or Not To Like

Media outlets such as newspapers, radio and television have long offered their readers and listeners a mostly uni-directional

The Terrorist Shopper

At Ixio Analytics, we’ve been thinking a lot recently about how we help organizations have meaningful conversations wth their customers.

How AI is Changing Our World

In 2017, Artificial Intelligence or AI applications are more pervasive than ever before and increasingly convey the semblance of ‘thinking’.

Man vs Machine

EU regulations that have been introduced to govern algorithmic decision making.

The Perils of Predictions

“Quicker and quicker she danced, till she lashed herself into such a frenzy of excitement that the foam flew in specks from her gnashing jaw

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